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Villt Oreganó olía

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Wild Mediterranean Oregano Oil - Candida, SIBO and Immune Support*

Botanically known as Oreganum vulgare, oregano is a flowering plant that comes from the same family as mint, sage, basil, and lavender. There are over 25 different species of oregano, but wild type oregano, unlike the spice found in the local grocery store and most others, contains active ingredients that provide health benefits. The highest quality and most clinically effective wild type oregano is grown in parts of the Mediterranean. To be able to extract the most delicate and efficacious components of this plant, a gentle steam distillation process must be used. The most important active ingredient is carvacrol, and the highest quality and most potent oregano oil contains a minimum of 60-70% carvacrol.



  • Wildcrafted oregano oil from wild Mediterranean oregano plants.
  • Wildcrafted oregano oil derived from plants grown organically without the use of any toxic pesticides and/or herbicides.
  • The plants are grown in their native environment which maximizes their ability to concentrate the natural, bioactive ingredients.
  • The oil is extracted from the plant without the use of harsh chemicals, through a steam distillation process. The oregano oil is then put into extra virgin olive oil as a base.
  • Standardized to 70% carvacrol (most bioactive component) and also contains a full spectrum of other naturally occurring compounds found in oregano.
  • Taste: Intensely pungent, hot, aromatic. Will feel warm upon topical contact.



  • Carvacrol and other naturally occurring oregano compounds have the ability to provide significant support to the immune system.*
  • Carvacrol also helps promote a healthy inflammatory response and provides antioxidant support to healthy cells.*
  • Oregano oil helps support a normal, healthy immune response to environmental allergens.*
  • Oregano Oil liquid exceeds all the criteria for supplement grade oregano oil.
  • Oregano oil is used as a “broad spectrum” supplement to fortify the immune system.  


Due to strong antimicrobial properties Ref1,2, Oregano Oil is used by medical practitioners to help treat all sorts of chronic bacterial, and fungal conditions.* These include..


    • Candida - Candidiasis is an infection caused by Candida albicans. Some people use the term “yeast overgrowth” for Candida.* Ref 1.
    • SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth) Ref 2. *
    • Bacterial infections*
    • Fungal infections*
    • Sinus infections*


Suggested use:

Candida, SIBO and Immune support - Dissolve 4 drops of oregano oil in 8 ounces of water. Taken twice a day in between meals for a maximum of 10 days.*  Long term use is not recommended because Oregano oil may interfere with iron absorption.*

Respiratory support - Use 10 drops of oregano oil in a diffuser to fight disease causing germs and energize the air. It also helps with loosening the mucous and phlegm and aids in expelling it.*

Toe nail fungus -  Apply 2 to 4 drops on a cotton ball and dab it on the nail gently. *

Scrapes and bruises - Mix 2 drops of oregano oil to 8 drops of carrier oil like coconut oil or olive oil and apply to the affected area.*


Please do not use oregano oil if you are allergic to oregano or to other plants in the same family mint, sage, basil, and lavender.* 


Clinical References

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